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Welcome to Ethitex

Ethitex is an online system to allow researchers to do tissue sharing with other researchers.

Ethitex is designed to help researchers to comply with the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council’s (NHMRC) edict:

"Where practicable, tissue from animals being killed should be shared among investigators and teachers..."1

Whilst the NHMRC’s jurisdiction is Australian, the values that inspire this edict are held throughout the world.

A research institution will license Ethitex for the benefit of all researchers that are associated with the institution. Tissue sharing can be implemented within the institution as well as across institution boundaries. It will even be possible to share rare resources internationally.

An institution's introduction of a tissue sharing programme via the use of Ethitex represents a commitment by the institution to the promotion of ethical research practices.


Media Coverage Sparks Interest in Ethitex

The Australian newspaper ran a story about Ethitex titled ‘Share site targets research animals’ on 20 May 2009. The newspaper and online article has generated a number of enquiries from Australian and New Zealand institutions interested in conducting a trial. Read the article here.

1 NHMRC: Australian code of practice for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes, 7th Edition, 2004. ISBN Print :1864962658.

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